The Village

The uncomfortable truth behind the “Bali smile”.

Woman Cooking

© 2013 Scott Parris

Your first thought on leaving Bali's Ngurah Rai international airport for your hotel, stuck in your first Balinese traffic jam, may well be: “Where is the Bali paradise I came here to see?” Your second? “This must be a rich island, with so many cars and motorbikes.”

Several reasons may have spurred your decision to come to Bali: the culture, Balinese hospitality, the rice fields, the traditions, the green, the ceremonies, the palm trees, the beach and a suntan could be among them. The traffic jams? Probably not.

Let your journey to Bali go deeper than a suntan.

The Balinese and their farmers are facing a lot of challenges; they are challenges that The Organic Farm Bali cannot tackle alone. That's why we're asking for your help and we're doing it via the Organic Farm Village Foundation.

Our aim is to assist and inspire Balinese farmers in the Munduk Lumbang area – the green heart of Bali, just a short distance from World Heritage-listed rice terraces – to break the cycle of poverty they are currently trapped in.

Rice fields

© 2013 Scott Parris

What's happening around Munduk Lumbang?

Located high up in mountains that boast crystal clear spring water, clean soil, pure fresh air, terraced rice, fruit and vegetable fields and no neighbours dumping waste, this farming village of 200 families has the potential to turn into a fully green and clean organic village.

Such a village could attract potential customers for organic products and travellers interested in real Bali ecotourism. Implemented and marketed the right way, the creation of an organic village would increase the income earned by farmers and their families and give them a better standard of living.

Due to a lack of knowledge and education, villagers at the moment endure a daily struggle to provide food for their families and offerings for their ceremonies. The average monthly income per head of a family is just 300,000 rupiah, or about USD30.

It doesn't have to be this way. To be aware of the potential of your surroundings you need education and information.

We asked a smart village girl Puspa, aged 11, “What would you do if we gave you 10 million rupiah tomorrow?”

First she replied: “I would buy a car for my dad.”

Then she corrected herself: “I would put it in the bank so I could study abroad; when I come back then I can buy many cars for my dad.”

The Organic Farm Foundation is seeking to improve several aspects of life in the community and we hope that the overall result is a better life for all here – and for visitors, who will be enriched by their time with the community.